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Who Are You…Really?

I know the best way to learn something is to continue to work at it. Practice an instrument to master it. Learn a new program by using it and making films is the same.

When I first started making films I thought I needed to get all the newest equipment (camera, lights, audio recorder) and I spent much of my time researching and understanding what the best products are. Well I did get some amazing equipment and shot some high quality footage and put together an entertaining story but now the biggest challenge is finding inspiration and a story that compels me and the audience.

Early on in my learning curve I read somewhere that you should shoot one film per months as a way to learn the craft and make all your mistakes early on. This was the best advise I received and I have followed it. Even if the subject matter is not that interesting you are still learning something with the process.
So go film your morning routine, film how you prepare your lunch, film a typical day in your life… in time even these mundane events can become interesting on film.

Who Are You…Really? (Director’s Cut)