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Selling Your Footage

Should I Sell My Unused Footage?

If you are a cinematographer, filmmaker or director your camera is just an extension of your arm.  It is always by your side and you see the world through your favorite lens.  If you find that you film everything as...maybe it might have some historical, emotional or even better-- footage for your demo reel, B-roll or maybe even the genesis of new topic for a short film, well then you have a lot of extra footage lying around. Filling up your  hard drives taking up space in your office or studio.

Should you self your footage?  At first I wanted to keep all my footage but over the years I have aquired so much that as time goes by it has less relevance.  Selling your footage can be a daunting task. First you have to prep the footage, remove the sound, consider any color grading options and determine the appropriate length for each clip but most importantly knowing what will sell. 

Once you have the footage all set, which partner do you choose to showcase your footage.  I have tried many services Shutterstock and Istock. I have found that working with www.nimia.com a new company that focuses on ensuring you keep the rights to your footage is my preferred partner.



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